Fruit Trees

Kiwifruit Sweetie - Female

A new variety of kiwifruit suited to the subtropics with a very low chill time. The Kiwifruit Sweetie - Female should be available in march 2007 so if you are interested you can select "Email me When Available" on the Kiwifruit page. Here is a video of our trial in the Daleys Fruit Tree Orchard.


  1. For about 20 years we have grown both a female and a male Kiwi fruit with good results.
    Last year the male died just before flowering. I was happy to find we still managed to get a good crop of excellent fruit and I assumed we must have a male somewhere in the neihbourhood.
    This spring however as I look up into the vine I actualy notice that the flowers are in fact not unisexual!The female stigmas are there aplenty as well as numerous stamens with pollen in the same flower.
    The bees are out in force and every single flower is setting. I wonder if this means I have a special Kiwi fruit plant?

  2. we had a male and female plant for 2 years and one died last year, we do not know if we have a male or female plant. how can you tell a female from a male plant so we can replace the correct plant.
    apreciate your help if possible.
    Regards Ken

  3. Good on you, Daley's. I'm keen about this. But "available in March" in what year? I've been on "email when available" for what seems a long time. Don't want to hurry propagation, I know it's chancy, but could we have an update...