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Australia is rich in spectacular fruit trees and home to an excellent range of Rainforest plants. We hope to use this blog as a place where we can share and learn together.

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  1. I can honestly say there are very few if any nursery websites like daleys in australia that provide the quality, freindliness, and an over all excellent experience.

    I have only had the pleasure to deal with daleys twice, both times I have not been dissapointed.

    I would much rather deal with the daleys team, than goto my local nursery.

    I wish all the staff all the best for 2007 and hope to have many more dealings in the future.



  2. I was looking for a babaco, tried a few local nurseries the comment was, that there are none available.
    I asked if they had tried Daleys the reply was They dont have them. So I rang them up myself and found they had a few in stock I now have 26 various tropical and sub-tropical fruit trees in my backyard supplied by Daleys, so helpful and only too happy to give advice --- the locals?? yeh right
    happy gardening

  3. Well must have over 200 Plus Daleys trees in now, just starting to get a microclimate now after 3 years of work yahoo smile have them number 1 in my favorites,always the best trees come from Daleys,just love it all,just can,t thank them enough.anyway thank you Daleys thank you very very much.Ralphy from Aratula south east Queensland.

  4. I went to the local nursery who said that they stocked Daley's trees. Actually ordered a truck full of trees worth many hundreds of dollars. Ended up not being happy with what the nursery supplied me with a bit of a "you'll get what we think you should have" despite me carefully checking the Daley's catalogue and asking for specific trees. I was disappointed with this and now simply order from Daley's. Do not stop this service - just expand it!

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  8. I have been growing a native gardenia tree for 3 years. It started in a pot but we transferred it to the garden and it has continued to grow but never any flowers. What can we do?

  9. Very nice. The first Custard Apple I had was in Sydney. The only supplier of decent tropical fruit trees as a good price near me is this one: . I WISH I could order from Australia still. Best wishes.

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  11. Has anyone had any luck growing a pandan plant, over the years I have tried a few with no luck , they are also very hard to find.