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Passionfruit hybrid

Recently Les Jefferson from Harvey Bay hybridised a Passiflora quadrangularis with a Passiflora alata. He used pollen from the Granadilla to get his P. alata to set fruit, which was self infertile. He sent me seed of the resulting cross which I grew on and the picture is the resulting fruit. Smaller in size than the Giant Granadilla but with a very nice sweet flavour similar to the P. alata. Has anyone else tried to hybridise other passionfruit?


  1. Looks delicious,

    I have a Passionfruit Red in the backyard growing along our fence. It is only 6 months old and has hundreds of passionfruit on it ripening up now. They sure do love sunny Brisbane Australia :)

  2. I had a friend in Arkansas who was doing some Passiflora breeding, but sadly the creek near his home flooded and took out most of his plants. I don't know if he ever did anything more with it or not...

  3. Three years ago i planted a yellow panama passionfruit on my verander with two very good years with in total 482 good size passionfruit coming from that one vine which i successfully grafted 2 banana passionfruit vines from a monster vine that supported hundreds of passionfruit from its location nearby, since then the panama got the woody disease that slowly kill'd the original vine, the newvines look to yeildtwice as many the main stem is as thick as my ankle, the original vine where i got them from is 9 years old very hardy like a tree.