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Edible Landscapes Nursery - Northey Street City Farms

This Sunday I visited Northey Street City Farms Organic Market. There were lots of people there who packed the very shaded and cool carpark to buy fruit and vegetables.

What makes it different to all the other fruit and veg markets is that while you are there you can walk through the farm which produces some of the fruit you buy.

There are well developed fruit trees and booming vegetables gardens all grown using proven permaculture techniques. Most of the fruit trees and vegetables that you see growing you can then buy from Edible Landscapes Nursery which is also part of the markets.

The kids have plenty of breezy, shady places to play and the chicken pens keep them transfixed.

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  1. what a great way to build community and share knowledge. You have a great resource there.

  2. what an amazing place ! ! !

    I urge anyone in Brisbane to go down and check it out..

    fantastic example of strengthening community bonds through our shared connection to the food we grow and eat.


  3. Very cool place! We are growing some vegetables in raised beds out in front of the nursery. They are for us to eat and share, but also as a place we can show people just how its done.

    I see at their website they sell "bushtucker" plants. What's that?

  4. Looks like a fun place to visit, but unfortunately it's too far away. About 10,000 miles too far!

  5. Bush Tucker is a common word in Australia meaning any "Australian" food found in the Australian Bush. This includes animals and plants.

    Many Australians with a passion for permaculture often take a special interest in bush tucker plants.

  6. Good day i live in bermuda and i would like to grow my own star fruit is there anyone who can give me useful tips on how to raise healthy plants from seeds?

  7. While I wholeheartedly agree that Northey Street City Farm is an asset to Brisbane, I would also say that it is very poorly run.

    Unfortunately, internal leadership issues prevent it from running to its full potential - something that has been happening for the past five years.

    There was a time when one could walk through and appreciate a well kept and respected space. Alas, one only has to glance at the rotting fruit and fungi ridden bread in the chook run and the littered market garden across the road to see that this is no longer the case.

  8. I love this market. I was there last weekend and it has a great atmosphere. I travel around Australia visiting markets looking for new products to sell on my online store and this is one of my favourites!