Fruit Trees

Competiton - Dwarf Fruit Trees - $100 Prize

Correy Mango TreeUse your digital camera to take a picture of a person with a Dwarf Fruit Tree that has fruit on it.

Everyone who enteres will get a $15 Gift Voucher from Daleys Nursery and there will be one Grand Prize winner who will get a $100 voucher.
- Make sure the person and the fruit are the central focus
- Smile
- Be creative
- You can enter as many pictures as you want but will only receive one Gift Voucher unless of course you win the $100 grand prize.
- Vouchers can only be used in Australia (Excluding Tas and NT)


  1. I'm surprised that no one has entered. I'd do it if I had a dwarf tree! Good luck on your contest,

  2. i'd enter, but my trees have no fruit! Putting in my order now anyways (without the 15$ voucher) :(((

  3. Unfortunately i dont have Dwarf Fruit Tree, but i am photo freak and love to take photo graph.

  4. hey friend excellent and important information about Competiton - Dwarf Fruit Trees - $100 Prize thanks for sharing!!

  5. I finally have fruit on my dwarf lemon tree! will be sending in a photo once I can find someone to stand beside it. (I live alone, so will need to wait till someone pops over for a visit!)

  6. Sorry did not check the date.. Im a bit late I see. Ah well, might post pics anyway. :)