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Wampees Guy Sam, Lychees, Lolly Tree, Coffee - GTS

Green Thumb SundayMost cultures use masculin or femanin language to describe nature. And Wampee Trees and Lychee Trees are Men. I laughed when I read the description of our Guy Sam Wampee Teee.

"Wampees are a handsome foliage evergreen tree grown for Summer ripe fruit with grape like flesh"

So here are my 3 young men From Left to right: Wampee Tree Guy Sam - Lychee Tree Salathial - Lychee Tree Bosworth 3

Carla bought in some wampees for the staff to taste which she picked from 2 different wampee trees that she grew from seed. They both tasted totally different depending on from which tree they came from. One was very sour but the other was very sweet. That is why if you buy a grafted Wampee Tree like the Guy Sam you know that when the fruit finally does ripen it will have that characteristic sweet grape like flavour. But when you grow it from seed who knows how it could taste. It would depend on how it was pollinated perhaps. Sometimes the extra money for a grafted specimen from a nursery rather then a seedling from the markets or a big outlet chain which might be cheaper really does pay off with fruit trees. Unless of course you want to breed the next Guy Sam or Yeem Pay.

Also in the garden this Green Thumb Sunday are my Panama Berries which most days are giving me that abundantly sweet taste. By far the sweetest berry you will ever taste hence some people call it the lolly tree.
And of course my coffee plant is full of beans and come June in Australia I will be very keen to finally pick them after waiting so long. (About 9 months from flowering it will end up being)


  1. Do fruit fly get into those panama berries? They sound pretty interesting (and tasty). I think I have room for another tree...

  2. Hi Suburban farmer. You will not have a problem with fruit fly and the panama berry.

    It is a great weeping shade tree that is fast growing. Up in north qld it can be considered a weed but in the south east it is fine.

    I have only had mine for a bit over a year and are getting berries already. I haven't had any problems with birds so far either. Notice in the picture how the fruit is under the leaves I think it hides it's bounty very well until they are fully formed. From one day to the next they will turn from being green to a very appealing bright red.

    When eating them I like to pierce the skin with my teeth and then squeeze the insides out which supplies that rich lolly like sweet taste and then afterwards I eat the skin as well which is a more bland chewy flavour.

  3. Your lychee trees are looking great. How old are they now? I recently bought a Lychee 'Salathiel' and have got it in a pot (for the time being at least). Do you have any tips to keep them growing and looking healthy?

  4. Hello Elizabeth,
    Make sure you remove all the flowers off your lychee for the first few years. Lychees are very slow growing and if you are tempted to leave the flowers on your tree it will stunt it and slow it down even more. Removing the flowers pushes it back to a vegatative growth faze and keeps it moving slow and steady.

  5. I have two Wampee trees, one which was on my property when I bought it 8 years ago and one which I planted about 6 years ago. Both are healthy but neither has ever bloomed. I live in Hawai‘i, with about 250 inches of rain a year but well-drained soil. What should I do to encourage blooms and fruits?

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