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Rollinia Fruit

Rollinia delicosa (Brazillian Custard Apple) fruit samples from seedling trees at John Piconi's orchard near Ballina NSW. Seedling trees grow quickly and come into fruiting at about 4 years. Note fruit shape variations. Quality of fruit from seed is consistently good. I am sure there would be an opportunity to select superier selections as the number of seedling trees to select from increases. Any feedback would be welcomed as this the fruiting time. (Pink fruit in the middle is a Purple Sugar Apple)


  1. Having heard so many people praising Rollinia fruit I would love to grow them. However, I live in Melbourne. In my suburb there has been no frost for years, but still the climate is far from tropical. If ever a cold-hardy variety of Rollinia is produced I'll buy one right away.

  2. Rollinia species identification is all screwed up.

    Either what has been called R. mucosa is in fact R. pulchrenervia (R. pulchrinervis). It is the more cold-hardy of the two species.

    What is known as R. deliciosa is synonym for R. mucosa.

    OR both are R. mucosa w. one introduction being more cold tolerant. i believe most material in this country stems from very limited introduction dating back to the late 70's

  3. Tried rollinia fruit for the first time yesterday and totally LOVED IT! A generous gentleman offered us the fruit and seeds from his farm and we definitely will be planting on our 1 acre.
    We definitely are in the tropics.
    Ohana on Hawaii Island