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Finger Limes

We are starting to harvest some of our finger lime varieties here at the nursery and if left on the tree until they fall off at a touch they are delicious. The cutting grown yellow fruited variety is a prolific producer that crops over several months, it's fruits are small to medium in size. The Wauchope is the maroon/black lime which seems to vary immensly in colour from deep dark reds through to black. The limes balls inside also vary in colour from almost clear with a pinkish blush to pinkish red. They are great squeezed onto a salad.


  1. Those are some very cool colours. You must make the best tasting fruit salads in Australia.

  2. I had the pleasure of trying one of these at the University of California's citrus research station in Riverside a few years ago. Really interesting and good fruit.

    I was not aware of the reddish ones, however. I have to see if I can get me one of those!

  3. Hi, Does anyone know where I can try some finger lime fruit in the Northern Rivers region? Thanks

  4. You could try the Lismore Herb Festival on August 19 & 20 there are usually some bush food stalls with tasting and local chefs demonstrating how to cook with our local bush foods.

  5. 2 questions

    Does Finger Lime always has pink/purple flower buds?

    How to tell the difference between Finger Lime and Mt WHite Lime?

  6. The finger limes have pink buds with pretty little triangular white flowers. Many variety are flowering and fruiting now.
    The difference between the two in mention on the new crops web site at
    They say "It is similar to the finger lime, but has broader leaves (Alexander, 1983). The flowers are single, axillary and the tree bears fruit from April to November (Cooper, 1994). The fruits are also 'finger-shaped', with a green skin and greenish-white pulp on maturity. The fruit have fewer cells than the finger lime and a thicker skin (up to 2mm) containing large oil glands and weigh an average of 25g."

  7. Can finger lime fruit be puchased in shops in Brisbane?

  8. roybe
    There are some great nurseries in Brisbane that may have Finger Limes and if not you could contact them to order some from us.

    I am not sure where you are in brisbane but here are a few:

    ENOGGERA, 4051

    ALGESTER, 4115

    ROCHDALE, 4123

    Here is the full list
    Retail Nurseries

    150g macadamia shortbread biscuits
    85g butter
    4 eggs
    110g castor sugar
    350g cream cheese
    1 Tahitian lime
    10 finger limes
    20g gelatine
    3 tablespoons water

    Finely crush biscuits and mix with the melted butter to form the biscuit base. Press into the base of a 20cm wide springform tin and refrigerate until ready to use. Whisk the egg yolks and sugar until thick and creamy. Whisk in softened cream cheese. Extract the finger lime pulp by slicing fruit lengthwise and scooping pulp out with a teaspoon. Remove the seeds and discard. Fold the finger lime pulp into the cheese mix. Add Tahitian lime juice and rum to taste. Add gelatine to water and dissolve gently. Fold into the mix. Whisk eggs whites until thick and fold into the mix. Pour the whole mix into the lined tin and refrigerate.

    to serve:
    Decorate cheese cake with different coloured slices of finger lime.

    500g finger limes
    1.2 litres water
    white sugar

    Wash fruit and cut into thin horizontal slices, discarding any seeds. Place fruit in a saucepan and cover with water. Allow to stand overnight. Next day, boil fruit until skins are soft (approximately 10 minutes). Then, add one cup of sugar to each cup of pulp. Boil briskly until it jells. Bottle and seal while hot.

    recipe: Jan Sked: Queensland


    Ingredients: (serves 4)

    * 2 cups (about 250 gms) finely shredded red cabbage
    * 2 cups (about 200 gms) finely shredded chinese cabbage
    * 2 carrots, grated
    * 6 green onions, thinly sliced on the diagonal
    * 1 small, fresh red chili, seeded and chopped
    * 2 tablespoons torn vietnamese mint leaves
    * ¼ cup torn basil leaves
    * ½ cup beansprouts
    * ½ cup roasted salted peanuts, coarsely chopped

    * ¼ cup lime juice
    * 1 ½ tablespoons finger lime pulp
    * ¼ cup seasoned rice wine vinegar
    * 1 ½ tablespoons fish sauce
    * 1 small clove of garlic, chopped.

    Combine all ingredients for coleslaw except peanuts, in a bowl, and set aside. In a separate bowl combine all ingredients for dressing , whisk until sugar dissolves and season to taste. Pour dressing over coleslaw and toss well. Sprinkle with peanuts and serve immediately.

  10. Kath It's great to see an interest developing in the Finger Lime. Your photos, presentation and colours are great. Additional recipes can be obtained from
    Please be aware that fresh oysters, a squeeze of tahitian lime topped with finger lime pulp is arguably the most pleasing taste sensation you will achieve.

  11. What soil type is requied to grow finger limes? Will they grow at Woodburn?

  12. can i buy finger lime trees in the coffs harbour area

  13. hi
    i was wondering if i can buy finger lime trees or any other native varieties in north west victoria.

  14. Can you get the verious collors specificaly, and have them easily identifyable?

  15. I have a Finger Lime tree that I bought at Daleys last August, how many different varieties do you sell as the website is non specific ? Also how long do they take to reach a maturity and bear fruit ?

  16. Can anyone tell me if I could grow these in the south west of Westen Australia eg Bunbury. Thanks.

  17. How long from flower/bud to fruit?

  18. I saw these in Borough Market in London - they look fantastic. Do you know if they would survive as a houseplant in the UK? I doubt you would acheive fruit but they would be a great curio. I assume as a sub-canopy species in the forest they would just about survive our lower light levels?

  19. I guess it's too late in the season to get some fresh limes, but do you know if anyone has any frozen? I live in the Northern rivers area. Thanks.

  20. Are they available in Adelaide? great, interesting product.

  21. can anyone tell me how to grow finger limes from seed.I have a bag of seeds but no idea how to start the growing process!

  22. re - question on how to grow Finger Limes from seed - Murray Ralph's "growing Australian Native Plants from Seed" does not mention any special treatment for the seeds - which suggests just propagating from seeds as per normal - plant in seed raising mix, and a light but thorough watering every day, or on hot days twice daily - it would help if this was done in a sheltered environment such as a "hot house" or under shade cloth...
    Angus Stewart's "Let's Propagate" suggests best propagation is by semi hardwood cuttings, with no mention of raising from seed.

  23. Hi - I have just received my shipment of fingerlimes (tube stock) and I am wanting to plant - can I plant these near camphor laurels - I have other citrus growing in the area - or should I go for full sun.

  24. i learn about this fruit pn tv. does anyone know where i can try finger lime fruit in the west of sidney please?

  25. I live in the United States. Are there any distributors here in the States that I can buy finger lime fruit (not trees) from? Daphne