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Citrus - Position - Planting

Position and Soil Condition Requirements:
Citrus loves hot sunny spots with shelter from strong winds. Good drainage is a must with sandy loam soil and a neutral PH. Give a 3-4 meter break between trees.
You can plant citrus all year round simply by digging a whole 3 times bigger then the pot, add some organic matter or manure and 200g of some blood and bone should be layered in the bottom of the hole. When filling in the soil halfway is a good time to add a bucket of water. Then of course mulch heavily with some initial fertilizer which should last for the first few months.
The first few years are the best time to develop a great root system. So it is best to get rid of the fruit. Citrus love nitrogen. In Australia we are coming up to late winter and early spring so remember to give a fast acting fertilizer with a bucket of water.
The first few months your new citrus tree needs water until it is established so remember to give it a good soaking twice a week. After this when it is very hot your plants will appreciate more water.
Citrus pruning can be limited to skirting which is where you prune the lower branches back to 30-40cm. Prune the rootstock suckers, deadwood and the long water shoots.

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