Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees & Water Restrictions

As the clock strikes 12 tonight (13 June 2006) Brisbane residents will have level 3 water restrictions. Despite heavy downpours even 2 days ago this rain just doesn't seem to fall in Wivenhoe or the Somerset dams catchment areas.
"Level 3 means roll up your hoses and bring out the buckets for Brisbanites"

Looking After Fruit Trees with Little Water
Excessive rainfall or over-watering will stimulate weak sappy growth at the expense of fruit. To optimise fruit yield you need to water the right amount at the right times.

Water Optimising Tips
Mulch, Mulch, Mulch: Makes sense doesn't it. A nice mound covered by mulch will keep water in and provide nutrients.

Maintenance Schedules: Certain times of the year fruit trees need very little water other times more. Some fruit like Jakfruit require large amounts of water where as others such as a figs require less. A bit of time researching your fruit trees will help you apply the right amount of water to ensure that great yield even with water restrictions. Try doing a search on google eg "Watering Avocado Trees". Here is an example of an Avocado maintenance Schedule.