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Most Requested Fruit Trees

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Top 4 Most Requested Fruit Trees (As requested by You)
Red Pitaya - Hylocereus sp Due: August 2006
I have one of these cactus in the backyard and I know why it continues to be so popular. Dragon fruit tastes great (especially with a few drops of lime) and seems to grown anywhere in my area just give it a wall or a tree to grow up. By cutting off a section and re-planting them within a short time you have another dragon fruit to go climbing with.

Curry Tree - Murraya koenigii: Due: January/February 2007
I am always surprised how many requests for this herb plant we get. There must be a lot of curry lovers out there. Unfortunately they are slow growing when young but we are doing our best to get them ready because we know how much you all want them.

Australia Round Lime - Citrus australis: Due: March 2007
As the name suggests this Australian citrus is a vigorous grower in the subtropics here. Tastes very much like a finger lime with many uses (marmalade, cordial, sauces)

Avocado - Sheppard - Persea americana: Due: SOON
It won't be long before they are ready for sale. The Sheppard variety is our most requested Avocado variety. I am assuming because of its high yield and great frost resistance.


  1. DROUGHT : Is this Pitaya Red a succulent and so ideal for dry areas suffering from overpopulation of the human pest?

  2. Pitaya is a climbing cactus so as with most cactus it can survive with little water. I have one in the backyard growing up a tree. Of course when they start fruiting a bit of extra water would help but they love dry soil and don't take much looking after.

    For more information:

    Pitaya Dragon Fruit


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  3. I've seen a huge Dragon Fruit near home - it's goes up very high, must be an old plant.

    I have curry trees and I wasn't so keen on them until I found a curry recipe that I could use them in - now I feel very lucky have free curry leaves right in my back yard.


  4. Hi. i am Azmi Ibrahim from Malaysia.Do you interested to know about Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) just go here