Fruit Trees

Variegated Kumquat Fruit Tree - Stripy Fruit

Unlike normal Kumquats the Variegated Kumquat Fruit Tree has these green and yellow stripes. This plant is really going to stand out in your backyard. Often people use them as a feature plant. They are very popular grown in pots.

if you want to grow a beautiful
productive ornamental potted fruit tree
you can't really go past this which is a
variegated kumquat and even the fruits
are variegated so they have this
beautiful stripy fruits on them which
can be quite striking and the foliage
has that lovely variegation to it
beautiful little flowers and it makes an
absolutely lovely pot plant if you have
a pair of these at your front door it's
supposed to bring you good luck they
also make the most fantastic kumquat
marmalade so if you'd like something
productive something beautiful have a
look at the variegated kumquat

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