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Kangaroo Paw Bush Pearl - Creating a Hedge

This striking plant has red coloured flowers that sometimes in certain angles resemble the the paws of a kangaroo.

This particular variety is special because of how many flowers it produces that will liven up a tiny portion of your backyard.

The Kangaroo Paw Bush Pearl Plant is for sale at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery here:

Here's a beautiful little Ozzie Native
for anyone who likes a little
bit of colour in your garden.
and lovese growing Australian plants.
This is the Bush Pearl
Kangaroo Paw
And like all the kangaroo paws.
It's just a stunning edging plant
to have in your garden.I've just
got it popped in the corner of this
Herb garden and it just brings
a little bit of joy to everybody who
sees it during the day it's
absolutely stunning
To grow this all you need to do
is cut off the spent flowers
and you can actually lift and
and divide it so you can see
all these little plantlets that are
growing and if you want to
you can lift your plant when it
finishes flowering, divide these
into individual plants and you'll
end up with having 10
of these beautiful things in
your garden

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