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Grafted Passionfruit Pandora Panama Red

Passionfruit Vines are fast and "needy". To get them off to a great start you need to know these tips about.

1. Trellis and location.
2. Grafted Varieties which one to choose.
3. Heavy Feeders Location and Planting
4. Pruning - Keeping your vine fresh and "walking the line"
5. Frost Protection - We show you how to protect your vine for those very cold Winter mornings.

Featured in this youtube is the proven variety.
Passionfruit Panama Red Pandora Passionfruit for sale


Now this beautiful passionfruit is the
Pandora Panama red passionfruit
because it has this beautiful red skin
and the aroma coming off this cut fruit
is just sensational
it's just mouth-wateringly beautiful is
all I can say about the smell of
passionfruit I absolutely adore them and
who doesn't and who doesn't want to grow
their own vine


so how do you choose the right passion
fruit and what do you need to do when
you're planting one in your garden now
this is a grafted passion fruit and the
advantage of choosing a grafted passion
fruit like the Pandora is that you're
going to know exactly what you're going
to get when you pick your fruit so the
Pandora is a selection of the Panama red
and you can plant a Panama red seedling
which is great because they're vigorous
they're easier to grow they take a
little bit longer to fruit so seedling
will take about 12 to 18 months whereas
the Pandora is going to start to flower
and fruit in its first year and you're
going to be picking beautiful passion
fruits within 12 months they're also
going to be treated tight so you all the
fruit you pick off are going to have the
same quality so you can see this is a
beautiful full fruit it has lots of
seeds lots of juice and when you cut it
open that fruit is actually full of all
that beautiful passion fruit which is
what you're growing it for so select the
variety that best suits you and I've
chosen to grow this Pandora in my garden


the passion fruit vines are heavy
feeders fast growers and then need
something some sort of support to climb
on so I've actually selected a carport
to grow this line on and it makes my
carport look like a better space it
softens the rough edges of the building
and it gives me beautiful fruit in the
morning when I arrive at work and I just
trim off all the edges as it grows what
you need to do when you plant your
passion fruit is have a trellis to grow
it on ready to go and plant it in a full
Sun free-draining rich site so there was
an old wives tale to plant a liver at
the bottom of the hole and the reason
being is your passion fruit is a heavy
feeder so it's kind of like lots of
nutrition as it grows so make sure that
you're able to feed it with a general
Npk fertilizer so nice rich balanced
fertilizer that's going to give you
foliage but is also going to support the
flowers and the fruit as they develop


so the other really important thing to
do when you're growing passion fruit is
to know that pruning is important so all
the fruit and flowers are going to
appear on this new growth so what you
need to do as it comes into the new
growing season so at the end of winter
and the fruit are just about to finish
so once your fruit finish on your vine 
you need to give it a good prune if you
look at it you can see there's some dead
wood so these are just branches that
have died off you just prune out
anything like that take them right off
to where they're at the base of the vine
and then any of the very long shoots so
you need to actually follow your your
shoots up find out where the ends are
such as this on and then cut it back so
find where it comes on to the main stem
you might cut it back to where it's
making new growth so you can in that way
you can keep your vine happy on the
trellis take out any of the old growth
take out of any of the very woody growth
keep it short so that you're going to
produce lots of new shoots and on all
those new shoots you're going to get
loads of flower and lots of beautiful


here in Kyogle would get a bit of cold
weather in the winter so it's not
unusual for us to get quite a few
Frost's so a sensitive plant like this
which is a warm loving passionfruit we
actually protect these from frost and
the worst area for frost is down near
ground level so what we've done is we've
actually wrapped the trunk of this
passion fruit with a bit of frost
protective material and it prevents the
stem from being ring bucked and it
ensures that your passion for it
survives any cool weather if you
actually live in a cold plate like
Victoria it might be that you look at
black passion fruits is your best option


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