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Growing Grapefruits - The Honneffs Surprise

You can buy the Grapefruit Honneff Surprise Fruit Tree regular size and also as a Dwarf Grapefruit Honneff surprise fruit tree

I'm going to show you a beautiful citrus
here today this is called a Honneffs
Surprise looks like a grapefruit it
smells like a grapefruit but it's
actually a hybrid cross so it's a cross
between a grapefruit and an orange and
what that does is it gives the fruit
this beautiful blush so it's a little
bit more orange in color and it's also a
little bit more sweet so if you love
grapefruit you're going to love the Honneffs
Surprise. So like growing all citrus
trees you're going to need a full Sun
position and you're going to need good
drainage so they like plenty of
moisture they like really
well-drained soil and they're heavy
feeders so you're going to need to give
your tree some well balanced nutrition
about three or four times a year so lots
of compost lots of mulch and a balanced
NPK fertiliser and then in the winter
months when you most need your vitamin C
you're going to be picking these big
juicy beautiful fruits and eating them
for breakfast every day

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