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Growing Papaya Plant with a very broad leaf

Papaya Broad Leaf
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Transcript from Papaya Broad Leaf
Now look at this beautiful thing. This is what we call a broad leaf papaya and it's name for these really beautiful large leaves. They get bigger than this so this is just a modest example of the leaves and it's quite a spectacular looking plant and it has these really lovely torpedo shaped red fruits which like other red papayas are really delicious great in fruit salads, great eaten fresh just as they are, so this is perfect and we're going to take it back to the kitchen and cut it up and show you what it looks like inside. So if you wanna grow one of these in your garden what do you need. Well firstly you need a warm, really well drained position so they like a nice sunny spot but they also like protection from extremes so extreme, hot afternoon sun, windy conditions they're not going to like. So if you can give them a nice sheltered protected spot and perfect drainage, mound up your planting site to improve your drainage and you can also plant them up against a wall which will give them a bit of reflective heat if you are in a  cool climate like down near Sydney. Ideally they are going to like a subtropical or tropical climate they are going to thrive and you'll be picking these beautiful fruits in about 18 months.

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