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Mushroom Plant Video Transcript
This is great If you like your salade greens this plant is a beauty this is a mushroom plant also called mushroom herb and it has the most beautiful crisp texture and it tastes just like raw mushrooms, it's quite extraordinary. So what you do is you just pick the top whirl of leaves, pop them in your salad or eat them fresh straight out of the garden. They are a delicious green snack. If you want to grow this in your garden It's great as an under planting so you can put it in shady corners you can grow it under your fruit trees It's not going to be a big competion for them although it does sprawl and it will cover the ground so it's a great ground cover It also does beautifully in pots So if you've got mint in a pot try a mushroom plant as well because it really is a fabulous potted plant Look beautiful and is absolutely DELICIOUS

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