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Lilly Pilly Edible Hedge the Bushfood Riberry (Syzygium luehmanii)

Lilly Pilly Edible Hedge Riberry

Video Transcript
This beautiful hedge here is a Riberry Hedge, Syzigium luehmanii and it is a perfect bushfood for hedging. You can see it has this gorgeous leaf flush which is what this is primarily grown for. So this hedge is cut back by using pruning sheers and what that does is it keeps this juvenile leaf flush coming on this hedge so it doesn't fruit so if you wanted your hedge to fruit and produce a massive crop of fruits you'd need to use your cincturing tool to cincture these plants and then you'd actually encourage flowering and fruiting. So if you want a fruiting hedge cincture your trees to keep them small and dwarf them and if you want  a beautiful leaf flush use your pruning sheers to hedge them.

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