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Grafted Loquat Nagasakiwase - How we got our best crop ( Fruits in the Spring )

Loquat Nagasakiwase Fruit Tree

Transcript from Video:
Look at these beautiful fruits now this is a Nagasakiwase Loquat and it's a beautiful tree as you can see it's just loaded with these great bunches of beautiful Apricot coloured fruits and there's one I've cut open. 3 seeds inside it but still plenty of flesh and they are really beautiful sweet fruit, juicy and just delicious. They've got a little bit of fur on the skin but you can just rub that fur off with your hands and get a nice shiny fruit. So you eat the skin and all, really lovely to eat fresh off the tree. Now the loquat is an old traditional fruit and it's a really hardy tree and this tree is fruiting this beautiful crop in Spring but the reason we have this massive crop on in the Spring is because Greg has been cincturing this tree in the Summer. So last summer he cinctured this tree and what this does is it stores all the starches and food and it gives it a bumper spring crop so this is our biggest and best ever Spring crop so we are really excited about these fruit and everybody loves them so people have been down here picking them for weeks we are really, really enjoying them. So this is the Nagasakiwase loquat.

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