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Video Canistel Fruit Tree - Grafted Emma

Canistel Fruit Trees once established can survive some very nasty frosts as this one did about 6 years ago. They are a wonderful looking tree that produces hard boiled egg tasting fruit. So good that we even find a white headed pigeon inside our Emma Canistel Fruit Tree.

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Transcript of Canistel Fruit Tree Grafted Emma

Now this lovely fruit is the Emma Canistel.
and I love the Canistel they have really grown on me over the years.
They also call them the Yellow Sapote and they have a very rich, sweet flesh that has the colour and texture of hard boiled egg yolks they are quite unusual the first time you try them. The Emma is a great variety because it is bite sized. So it is quite a small fruit and it's really a lovely sized fruit you can eat the whole thing in one go.
So this one is going to have to wait for about a week until it goes very soft it will start to split and that is when it's ready to eat.
So you can't eat it straight away off the tree unless it falls.
Now this particular tree has had quite a hard life and it went through a very heavy frost down to about -6, -7 which did damage it significantly but you can see how well it's come back so that was about 7 years ago and we cut it right back to remove the dead wood from it once the frosts had finished and then it re-grew so we have had no trouble with this plant at all.
To keep it small now days we are using our dwarfing
So we are girdling this plant or cincturing it
and what that does is it keeps it nice and compact
so it reduces the sap flow and the vigor of the plant and it also encourages flowering and fruiting so we get more fruit on our Emma canistel.
We also in this tree in this season have the nest of a white headed pigeon so that's actually quite a nice addition as well and she's just quietly sitting on her eggs at the moment. You might be able to have a little peak and see her in there.

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