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Pigeon Pea as Companion Plants using Permaculture techniques - taste great too

Pigeon Pea used in a Permaculture Guild
Yes the Pigeon Pea can be eaten just like a normal Pea or legume but watch as we show you how it can be used in a Permaculture Guild or companion plant. Need mulch? the Pigeon Pea can help. Need Nitrogen fixed soil: the Pigeon pea can help. Need a precious fruit tree protected from the sun? the Pigeon Pea again. #pigeonpea #daleysfruit #permaculture #permacultureguild

Video: Pigeon Pea as Companion Plants
Here we've got a good example of how our Pigeon Peas can work for us in the garden. Why should you add this to your order? They are good examples of a permaculture guild where you use Pigeon Peas as a support system for your main tree so we have got a Cashew here and we've got a Naranjilla. They will require shade in the hot Summer days they will require nitrogen and they require mulch. These Pigeon Peas they provide everything. So to start with you can prune it up and use that as mulch. So that will provide a bit of structure in the soil and every time you prune it, it releases Nitrogen in the soil through the roots. During the hot summer days let it grow over your trees. During the winter days where you require as much Sun as possible, chop it up. Use the leafage on the bottom so it stabalises the temperature of the soil and that's a good example of a permaculture guild. They're high in protein, They're beans so you can pick them green and are a great substitute for a pea. That's why it's called a pigeon pea so it provides 2 different products on the same plant. 1 is the peas that you can cook. You need 10 minutes to cook it. You just pick the dry ones and store it.

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