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Kaffir Lime Fruit Trees Use: Leaves, Rind, Seeds for your Patio, Backyard or balcony

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Usefulness: 1st: Leaves, 2nd: Rind, Equal 3rd: Juice & Seeds, 4th: Entire Fruit crystallised
Trivia 1) Crushed Kaffir seeds are high in pectin and can help in setting jams.
Trivia 2) The Rind is used as the main ingredient in many Curry pastes. (No you can't just use any lime it has to be Kaffir)
Trivia 3) The Juice is used in shampoos (believing it gets rid of head lice) and clothing cleansers.

Originally from just above us in Indonesia the Kaffir lime fruit tree is now famous worldwide and common to many Australian backyards. Suited to pots and even grows on a balcony with limited space. The leaves are an essential ingredient in many common recipes. The juice, rind and leaves combines with an array of flavours to make refreshing drinks on those hot days that are coming our way.

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