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Starling White Guava Fruit Tree with few seeds (Less than normal)


Starling White Guava Fruit Tree

Some people don't like guavas because of their hard seeds. This variety is the starling white guava fruit tree and if you were to grow just this guava and your neighbours nearby didn't have a guava then you should get even fewer seeds forming than in this picture. This is due to no cross pollination. We have lots of guavas growing at Daleys and in this photo there isn't as many seeds as the usual white guava varieties. So we would expect some of our customers in the above scenario to produce guavas with far less seeds than us when growing the starling white guava. Taste is still very sweet and the fruits grow quite large with white flesh and green skin that goes more yellow and fragrant and soft when ripening. They do like warmer climates and could be kept small in a pot. Which makes them easier to protect with netting.

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