Fruit Trees

Brown Turkey Fig Trees

Brown Turkey Figs just picked

Buying a Fig brown turkey fruit tree variety will get you hooked on Figs. Yes you
need to pick them at the perfect time but when you do you will nod
your head and say "WOW"

They can be grown in Arid, Temperate and Subtropical climates and as
they lose their leaves in Winter they can handle frosts down to -2

Yes to growing and fruiting in pots and you only need one to set fruit.

A full sun position is recommended and make sure when planting you
mound up your planting size height 50-80cm for good drainage.

They don't need much water except when the fruit is growing in early
summer. BUT heavy rain just as they ripening can cause the fruit to
split open ruining your crop.

In the ground it will grow 2-5m but in a pot with root restriction
they should stay under 2m.

Adventurous Ideas: Espalier them :) Dry them, Make Jams.


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