Fruit Trees

Boat Shaped Pods with seeds the size of Peanuts

We like to describe The Peanut Tree (Sterculia quadrifida) like this "boat-shaped pods that ripen throughout summer. They split open to display a beautiful, bright red interior that contains shiny, black, peanut-sized seeds which have a delicious, nutty flavour. It is a fast growing highly ornamental rainforest tree. Indigenous Australians ate the nuts both raw and roasted and used the fibrous bark to make nets." Looking at this picture our staff member Bianca took of their tree at home I think we got the description just right. Great for Subtropics and grows 10m+ (large) in ground. It requires only moderate watering once established. The botanical name is Sterculia quadrifida. In winter it can look a bit shabby because it is "partly deciduous" Lots of reports of people growing them as a bonsai in a pot who were blown away when it fruited in the pot with these boat shaped pods. 

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