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DeforestAction - Helping Paul secure the future of Bornean Rainforests

Paul Daley was born at Daley's Nursery, he has this nursery in his blood, his early working days were spent here in the poly houses and in the grafting shed as a helper for his Dad. As a young teenager Paul worked his weekends and holidays here and spent his free time exploring the surrounding rainforests, when he left school we had to say farwell as we waved him off to new and exciting adventures. In the last couple of years Paul has travelled through Sumatra and Borneo looking at the deforestation of these islands and the threat to the Orangutans that call these forests home, what Paul discovered on his travels has motivated him into action to secure a future for these incredible threatened species and the forests that are their lifeblood. Paul entered the DeforestAction: Project Borneo 3D contest to have a chance to spend 100 days in Borneo and to be part of a 3D Action Movie, help save endangered rainforest and Orangutans, create awareness about deforestation, and provide a sustainable livelihood for the local community. We would like to help Paul achieve his fundraising goals and are asking for your help and support. If you make a donation of $15 or more to help Paul we will give you a $15 voucher to spend at Daley's Fruit Tree Nursery. All you have to do is make a donation on Pauls Action Hub and than send us an email to say you have made a donation, we will reply to you with a $15 voucher that you may spend at your leisure. You will find our email details on the contact page Here is the link to Pauls site to make a donation. If you would like to read more about Pauls travels through the wet tropics of Australia and though the Indonesian and Bornean rainforests here is the link to his blog which demonstrates his passion for the environment and his skills as a wildlife and environmental photographer.

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