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Conifer Plants Different Sizes and Shapes

Conifers come in all different shapes and sizes and are great for landscaping. One use is wind protection. Fruit trees will often go much better if you set up a wind protection with conifers. Another is just to pick one with a shape and colour that you like to make your backyard look great.

You can get a well established conifer in a 140mm pot from Daleys and choose from over 19 different Types of Conifers.

Buy 2 or More Conifers and get 10% Off with the code Conifer10off you don't have to get 2 of the same variety to get this offer you can choose from any of our 19 different varieties.

Here are what some of the varieties look like:
Conifer Blue Cone

Conifer Cedrus

Conifer Gold Nugget

Conifer Gold Rider

Conifer Juniperus

Conifer Kaizuka

Conifer Leighton Green

Conifer Naylors Blue

Conifer Thuja

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  1. A lot of those are bad trees see

    suprised your selling them