Fruit Trees

Backyard Revolution

Australias 60 Minutes had an episode on eating and experiencing fruit & Vegetables in your backyard.
"It's a fight back against the fast food pre-packaged snap frozen pace of modern life and it's happening in our own backyards."

Watch it here: Backyard Revolution
What's your reason for getting into the backyard "save money, environmental, healthy?


  1. Everyone should make an effort to get into the backyard garden. It is an opportunity to contribute something positive to the environment have a little bit of exercise and even save some money.

  2. I can't wait to get started and have already begun buying my plants for my new garden. Now I just need to start organising things into groups so fertilising is easier.

  3. For me - I just love growing things - and then being able to walk around the garden picking stuff that I can pick at (mulberries - yum!), or cook (asparagus) or use later (apples etc). It is also great exercise, it makes you think (what plant where and what will it need in the way of inputs etc) - and with fruit trees (I have 27 in our "orchard" and 4 others scattered around the garden) which ones need a pollinator etc etc....great fun!

  4. love the there a way to download this? thanks