Fruit Trees

25% Freight Discount for April & May 2009

[ Discount now over ]
Discount & all Freight Calculations are done automatically online once you enter your postcode.

April and May is a great time of the year to get fruit trees, nut trees and rainforest trees mail ordered to your doorstep. So why not get that pomegranate, tropical pear, guava or dwarf macadamia that would make your backyard just that little bit more fruitful.

Daleys has over 1000 different varieties to choose from so take advantage with Freight & Handling Discounts during April & May Only.

* Excludes WA
* Excludes Wholesale
* Orders Need to be placed during the sale period.


  1. this an April Fools Joke?

  2. Nope this is real. When you put your postcode in the discounts get applied to your order.

  3. That is a great deal. I'll tell my readers about it.

  4. Poor W.A. readers-no discount for us in the west!-any chance of doing a once/twice a year bulk to W.A. delivery? Lots of us would love a spend-up but the freight/quarantine etc is a killer. I know you can form syndicates but it would be great if you could order them direct from you guys & have a central place once or twice a year to pick them up. There appears to be only one nursery we can get your stock from-any others south of the river??
    anyway, just wishing!

  5. I agree, I now live in a remote community that has no nursery. I miss my garden in Perth and would love to order some plants for my garden. The freight and quarantine costs outway the any hope of a nice garden again.
    Maybe i should start my own nursery.....

  6. Yep the freight and quarantine are what stops me from buying here :(