Fruit Trees

Bare Root Stock 2009 Just Arrived

We are very excited because our Bare Root Stock has just arrived and is ready to be mail ordered to homes across Australia.

Winter is a great time for the Mail Order of Bare Root Fruit Trees.

Some Bare Root Fruit Trees Ready for Sale
Quince Tree Bare Root
Apricot Tree Bare Root
Dwarf Apple Tree Bare Root
Peach Tree Bare Root
Low chill Dwarf Sunset Peach Bare Root NEW
Nectarine Trees Bare Root NEW
Almond Trees Bare Root
Grape Vines Bare Root


  1. Why no photos of the fruit for the dwarf red leaf stonefruit?

  2. Any fingerlimes yet.

  3. Nice paw-paws KATH,what variety are they. The Angel peach trees that I recently purchased from you bare rooted are coming along nicely,I left a couple of fruit on to see what they are like, looks a lot like china flat. Cheers Kev.

  4. Great site Greg. Best nursery site I have seen having been trawling the net.
    Cob o corn