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Kiwifruit 🥝

 Kiwifruits grow on a vigorous and long lived deciduous vine. Kiwifruit is a great tasting, highly nutritious treat. To eat, cut the fruit in half, then scoop the delicious flesh right out of the skin. They can be added to fruit salads and desserts as well as savoury dishes, they go particularly well with avocados, fish, chicken and prawns. We have a couple of varieties available.

Bruno - Large elongated fruit. Dark brown skin with dense, short, bristly hairs. Light-green flesh of good flavour. Ripens early May. Vigorous and productive with a relatively low chilling requirement

Hayward - The most popular commercial kiwifruit variety. Excellent quality and size, but does require a higher chill requirement than most other varieties. The Chieftain Male is the superior pollinator for these and the Kiwifruit Male is an alternative pollinator

Dexter - Fruit is similar to Hayward only slightly more elongated. Relatively low chill requirement, well adapted to warmer winter areas. Originated in Queensland as a seedling of Hayward.

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