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Kalamata Olive

 A favourite in the Mediterranean diet, Olives make an exquisite accompaniment to dairy foods, breads, fruits, relishes and alcoholic drinks. Olive trees are attractive, hardy trees. Well suited to hot summers and cool winters, some varieties have now shown promise in higher summer rainfall areas with low chill. They can survive on relatively poor neutral pH soils as long as they are well drained. They prefer slightly alkaline soils to slightly acid soils. Of course, fruit quality is enhance by healthy, fertile soils. Fruit grown in higher rainfall areas is well suited to pickling, but high fruit moisture content can make oil extraction more difficult. Some drying may be helpful, or reductions in irrigation and/or exclusion of rain falling on the rootzone may help. The following multipurpose olives are well suited to home growing. Those with lower chill requirements have this attribute noted.

The Kalamata fruit is juicy and sweet and have a unique torpedo shape and split in the skin. The most popular olive in Australia, they are ideal for use in cooking or as an olive to eat alone. Suggested cross-pollinators are Frantoio and Koroneiki #daleysfruit #daleysnursery #olivetree #kalamataolive #backyardgarden

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