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WA - 50% Reduction in Quarantine Costs

What are WA Quarantine Requirements?

The WA government requires plants to go through certain checks before being allowed entry. These checks include payment to NSW DPI officers to physically visit us and look over all the plants and fill out verification paperwork.

Additionally WA DPI officers need to verify the list of plants and check all the plants when they arrive into Western Australia.

There are also certain sprays that the plants need.

Each of these steps are part of the quarantine costs on each order.

Why are quarantine costs 50% cheaper Now?

2 words Scale and Productivity. In other words more WA customers are ordering making the batches bigger and our staff are getting better each time at the extra quarantine requirements, finding ways to do it quicker and more efficiently. Each year and because of this when we audited our costs we found that in 2024 we can safely reduce these fees by 50% compared to how much was charged in 2023 and before this.

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