Fruit Trees

The Elephant Apple 🍏

 The Elephant Apple is a medium sized tree growing to around 15m. It has attractive corrugated foliage. The knobbly fruits can be used in curries, jellies and jams. The fragrant flowers are highly ornamental.

The tree prefers a tropical location, marginal in the subtropics. Great as a Food Forest canopy tree. The fruits are ripe when they turn a yellow colour- pick fruits only when ripe as they will not ripen further. The outer petals can be prepared and eaten, and the gelatinous pulp is often combined with sugar if consumed raw.

The Elephant Apple has medicinal properties, and is a beautiful shady ornamental tree in warm climates. This tree is found growing in Tropical Asia, and is loved by elephants, hence the name #daleysfruit #daleynursery #elephantapple #backyardgarden

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