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Pecan Trees 🌳

 Pecan Nut Trees are among the best of the multi-purpose trees, providing a valuable nut crop and an excellent long-term investment. The trees are long lived, and unlike other commercial crops don't have to be replaced in the short to mid term. Although most varieties are self pollinating (SP), planting 2 varieties - one from each group - will ensure optimum cross pollination. Or, for large plantings, 1 of one type, to up to 5 of another.

Pecan cultivars differ in the order male and female flowers mature. When pollen is shed early, before the female flowers are receptive, the cultivar is called protandrous (Type A). When pollen is shed late the cultivar is called protogynous (Type B).
Pecans are a large deciduous tree suited to temperate and sub-tropical areas, requiring very little chill - only 200-300 hours. They love the dry spring weather of the east coast, which enables effective pollination. Irrigate for best results through these months.
In Australia the tree has very few pests, making them an easy tree to grow for food and shade 🌳 #daleysfruit #daleysnursery #pecannut #pecan #pecantree

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