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Black Sapote - a chocoholics dream

 Not surprisingly, this is one of our most popular fruits, and if you like Chocolate Pudding you'll love the Black Sapote! Commonly known as Chocolate Pudding Fruit, this amazing fruit is an excellent source of Vitamin C, containing about 4 times as much as an orange.

The fruit is delicious eaten fresh or used as a chocolate substitute in recipes and milkshakes, or simply mix the pulp with yogurt and lemon juice for a refreshing treat. Fruits can be cut in half and eaten covered in passion fruit - in Mexico the pulp is mashed with orange juice or brandy and served with cream. It is also delicious mixed with wine, cinnamon and sugar.
The green fruit is picked when hard and allowed to soften and go brown within 3-6 days. At the ripe stage you should be able to press the skin with your fingers and leave an indent. A very close relative of the persimmon, the black sapote is a Chocoholics dream come true! #daleysfruit #blacksapote #fruitnursery #chocolatepuddingfruit

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