Fruit Trees

The ever aromatic Lemon Myrtle 🌿

The Lemon Myrtle occurs naturally throughout coastal Qld rainforests. It is a spectacular ornamental tree due to both its appearance and the superb fragrance of its flowers and leaves. The leaves and flowers are used in sweet and savoury dishes, or as a refreshing tea. However, boiling or baking can often reduce the flavour. The leaves are best added to the recipe at the end of the cooking process, and either left to steam with the lid on, or made into a sauce or dressing. It is usually the older and fully hardened-off leaves that are harvested for use. Enthusiasts describe the distilled oil from this tree as 'more lemony than lemon' and it is used extensively to scent confectionery, perfumes, aromatherapy oils, and food flavourings 🌿 #daleysfruit #daleysnursery #lemonmyrtle #backyardgarden


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