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Pluot Plum - Black Adder πŸ–€

 Our friend Graham Richards kindly gave us this low chill Pluot Plum to trial from his low chill breeding program. First fruiting this season, excellent flavour and texture. A Pluot is a cross between an Apricot and Plum- however more Plum characteristics are present. The Black Adder has Purplish-black skin with an amber flesh turning a deeper colour when very ripe.

Pluots normally require cross pollination to set fruit, so try cross pollinating with another Pluot, or a Japanese Plum variety- like a Mariposa. We are currently assessing its ability to self pollinate, and will update our growing advice with those results. Ensure adequate sunlight, and free-draining fertile soil for maximum yields and healthy productive trees. Being low chill, it will produce fruit where winters are mild, but still may not thrive in areas with hot summers. Protection may be beneficial πŸ–€ #daleysfruit #daleysnursery #pluotplum #backyardgarden

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