Fruit Trees

The whimsical Silver Birch 🌳

 Widely planted in parks and gardens where it is grown for its beautiful white bark and gracefully drooping shoots, the Silver Birch adds an interesting touch and whimsical feel to any garden.

A medium sized deciduous tree to 15-25 meters. The bark of this ornamental tree is white with black markings. Silver birch prefers a cool winter and warm summer and it is tolerant of poor soils.

The Silver birch wood can make excellent timber for carving kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons and spatulas: its very mild, sweet flavour does not contaminate food, and it has an attractive pale colour. Bark can be heated and the resin collected; the resin is an excellent water proof glue and firestarter 🌳 #daleyfruit #daleysnursery #silverbirch #deciduoustree

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