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Red Love Apple Tree - It's GMO FREE

Red Love Apple Tree - Showing Red flesh

It's Dwarf, It's different, It's GMO free (Selection created by hard work), It's taste is like a granny smith even though the skin and flesh is red. It's the new Red Love Apple Fruit Tree.

Often backyard growers don't get an opportunity to grow new exciting varieties like this Red Love Apple. You might remember a certain "un-named plum" everyone wanted but was not available to backyard growers. In a good news story the team at Redlove Apple Australia have made it so Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery can deliver this apple tree bare root ( dormant stage with no leaves ) to your door and you can be part of the first people growing this very exciting new variety.
Climate: You do need some chill hours to produce apples so suitable climates are cool and warm temperate climates.

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