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Multi Graft: About 3 way Apple Trees Fuji,Gala,Pink Lady

Top: Fuji Apple Middle: Gala Apple Bottom: Pink Lady Apple
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Did you know you can grow all 3 apple varieties on 1 tree. It is called a 3 way because 3 apple varieties are grafted onto the same rootstock also referred to as a multi graft. There are also 2 way but so far we haven't come across 4 ways perhaps this is something you can add at home when you reach Advanced level. Pollination between varieties is all taken care of too. 

Newbies often ask well can I grow a apple and an orange on the same tree. The answer is No. The rootstock is not compatible. You can look for "Way" in our search box to bring up nectarine and pear "3 way" and "2 ways" that come as bare rooted fruit trees.

Climate. These types of apples need high chill so you will need to be in a temperate to warm temperate climate for them to produce apples. Otherwise there are subtropical apple trees for those of us living in warmer climates like tropical anna or dwarf dorsette.

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