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Video: How to Plant a Blueberry Plant in a pot ( Coir Potting Mix )

Planting Blueberry Plants Video Transcript

Blueberry Season! Don't we all love
Packed with antioxidants
kids love them adults love them and we
all want to grow a blueberry in our backyard
so if you've ever tried to grow them in
the ground you'll know that they're a
little bit fussy they're like really
good drainage and they like an acidic
soil so getting the right conditions can
be a little bit tricky in your garden so
if you want to grow a blueberry growing
them in a bag is a really great way to
grow blueberry they're easy
Greg's growing them in bags here for
years he's had ten year old blueberries
in bags and they're as good as when he
planted them so this one here is about
three years old and you can see it's
really just starting to flourish we're
just getting a nice pick of fruit off it
that's going to be ready in a few weeks
we need to be patient
So if you want to grow a blueberry in
apart this is your potting mix that
you're going to need so this is your
block of coconut Coir so it's just
coconut fiber there's nothing else in
that completely organic and it's a
really lightweight fibrous mix so you
can see how loose that is and it's
perfect for growing blueberries in
because it's really well aerated so it
gives them ideal drainage and you can
add a little bit of slow release
fertilizer to it and that's all you need
you can actually use it as a basis for
all sorts of other potting mixes you can
also use it as a mulch so it's a
fabulous product to have in your shed
you're going to need something to plant
your blueberry in so we love these bags
these are what we call bonsai bags and
they come in different sizes so at 35
litre bags perfect if you want about a 2
meter plant a 20 litre bag which is what
we have this plant hearing it's going to
grow you something a meter to a meter
and a half and these are absolutely
ideal for blueberries they make your
plant very easy to move around you can
insert that into a nice ornamental pot
if you wanted to look a bit more showy
So you're going to start with something
like this this is the wonderful
blueberry burst which is a new selection
of blueberry and it's perfect for
growing in bags
it's a lovely compact
plant that grows to about a meter and it's
really going to love a nice aerated Coir Mix
So how many blueberry plants are you
going to need to plant well I would
recommend you start with about five
selections and make sure you check what
your climate is and choose the ones that
are right for your area so there are low
chill selections for warm climates and
there are high chill selections for
cooler areas and choose a variety of the
different varieties for your area that
ill give you cross-pollination and give
you a better crop on each bush and about
five plants is going to give you a
really good fresh pick for fresh berries
straight off the plant and you can also
going to have bowls that you can take
into the kitchen turn into jams make
into sauces and use creatively in your kitchen

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