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But Acerola Cherry Fruit Trees - Cherry of the Subtropics

Your Answer to a Cherry Tree when you live in the subtropics is the Acerola Cherry Fruit Tree. It's a great cropper with off the chart levels of vitamin C. A more diverse flavour with tang and sweet than run of the mill cherries. We show you a very well established tree. And show how it can suit many Australian Backyards.

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Botanical Name | Scientific Name
Malpighia emarginata

Video Transcript

It's late Spring and we're just
starting to pick Acerolas
and these are these beautiful red little
fruits and they're packed in vitamin C
so one of these is like eating an apple
and they're really delicious they're
quite juicy and they've got a lovely mix
of sweet and sour so if you like things
with a little bit of tang you're going
to love the Acerola they also grow in
quite a beautiful shrub so you can see
behind me it's very dense and it can be
quite heavy so if you want to grow one
in your garden it's a good idea to put a
nice sturdy stake to it to keep it
strong in the ground they can have a
tendency to pull themselves over with the
weight of the plant if the soil gets very
wet so during wet weather that we get
here in the subtropics they can topple
unless you have them well staked the
other thing you can do to avoid that is
keep it prune so keep it well maintained
cut it back once it gets to about this
size so when it finishes fruiting take
about a third or half off it and that'll
keep it nice and vigorous and keep it
small and compact but when you're
pruning it's a good idea to wear long
sleeve shirt and gloves cause the
foliage is covered with tiny irritating
hairs so if your wear a short sleeve
shirt you'll find yourself quite itchy afterwards they're like stinging
nettles but not as severe so they give
you tiny little stings they're quite
irritating on the skin and so it'll make
you very itchy. So if you're working
with this plant make sure you do protect
your skin with a long-sleeve shirt you
can see it's quite a beautiful plant
when it's got the fruit on it and also
in flower it has lovely pastel pink
blossoms that make it look beautiful
when it's in flower early spring so this
is the Acerola we love it.
and you're going to enjoy those beautiful little
tasty fruits
mmm lovely mix of sweet and sour
I adore these that's the Acerola

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