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February Newsletter - Exclusion Orchard - Soursop Video

February 2014

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Exclusion Orchard

Define Exclusion Orchard: A fully netted orchard where fruit trees can be grown without fruit fly, bats and other pests from damaging the fruit.
Exclusion Orchard
2014 is going to be a memorable year for us all at Daley's Nursery as this is the year that
Fig - brown turkeywe started to reap the rewards from our exclusion orchard.  Since the netting went up around our favourite fruits we can now pick and eat them without any fear of finding grubs and savour the full flavours of freshly picked, tree ripen fruits. We started the year with the best mango season in recent memory which has been closely followed by a bumper fig crop, it is hard to decide which has been a more enjoyable experience.
Mango R2E2If you are considering a mini exclusion orchard there are a few important things to remember, firstly you will need to have pollinators inside your exclusion zone.  We have installed a native bee hive within the orchard and the tiny stingless bees are hard at work on warm sunny days working our flowers and pollinating the fruit for us.  We also have a pair of guinea fowls whose job is to clean up any stray unwanted insects that may happen to enter the orchard. They have raised their first brood of 7 chicks and we are feeling very proud of our success with these shy but interesting birds.
Fruity treats
And secondly pruning is vital to keep all the trees compact, away from the netting and to keep all those delicious fruits within reach.
If you have an exclusion orchard installed at your place we would love to hear from youabout what you grow within and how successful it has been for you and if you are considering a mini exclusion orchard we would also be interested to hear what your plan is.

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Soursop Video

If you want to grow the soursop fruit tree remember it is classified as a tropical fruit tree however in many subtropical climates where you get very little frost it is possible to grow it in these marginal climates.

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