Fruit Trees

Exclusion Netting

Exclusion netting can make fruit growing a pleasure. It eliminates infestation of pests such as fruit fly and it keep birds and bats away from your precious fruit so that they can be picked after fully ripening on the tree. The fruits will have more flavour and will be the best you have ever tasted. Here at Daleys Nursery we are fortunate enough to have the space and infrastructure to allow us to enclose a reasonable sized orchard, it is roughly about 70m x 90m and offers us the opportunity to set up an orchard system that encompasses native bees and some guinea fowls as well. The Bees are our pollinators and the guinea fowls role is to clean up any stray insects that find their way into the orchard. So far it has been a bumper success and we are loving the fully tree ripen fruits.

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