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Taste testing mulberries

I love mulberry season, the trees fruit prolifically and could well be my favourite fruit of all times. I gathered a selection from the orchard this morning and we tried them all out at morning tea time.
The pick of the day was the Angela, these are an unusual coloured fruit that I often describe as blonde/black, they are a pale purplish colour, sweet and are a good sized fruit.
Gayes Pink was also very popular, it may be only small but it has a delicious flavour and is very sweet. It was the sweetest of the fruits on the table this morning.
Of the black mulberries the Dwarf Black and the Hicks Fancy are very similar, both have a lively tang to them that makes them the ideal fruits for baking into pies or making mulberry jam with. The Dwarf Black is my favourite fruit as it is so prolific and I love the slightly sour flavour. The Beenleigh Black has beautiful large, luscious looking fruits but they did not win the tast testing competition.

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