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Paula from Worongary, QLD, AU  says of her Lychee Wai Chee Tree.

"This tree hardley ever gets fed or watered and just thrives."

From the picture though you will notice Paula has netted her lychee tree. When they are red and delicious no bird, possum, bat or human can resist them.

Please check out what a detailed job Paula has done on her my edibles page.

Things to know about Lychee Trees
1. The lychee Trees that Daleys sell like
Lychee - Salathiel
Lychee - Wai Chee
Lychee - Bosworth 3
Lychee - Kiamana

They are grafted so you get fruit years earlier than a seedling. They are "true to type" so you know you are getting small seeds and lots of flesh and taste superb.

2. The first 2 years of your lychee tree are crucial if you get cold weather so make sure you heap up the mulch and perhaps cover it so that it will not die from a frost.

3. When the flowers appear don't let them get wet. If it looks like raining then get out your umbrellas or tarp and protect them at all costs :)

4. Lychees are best eaten in a hammock in the shade on a hot summers day and by yourself if supplies are limited.

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