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Bare Root Fruit Trees 2012 - The Problem and Solution for Juicy Backyards

The Problem: Dear Daleys Fruit: You have one Bare root fruit tree in stock but the other plant says it won't be ready until next year.

Surprisingly when some fruit trees look like sticks this is the best time for planting. Cherries, Apricots, Raspberries, Almonds, Peaches are often sold as Bare Root Plants.
The Problem
"Dear Daleys Nursery: You have one Bare Root Fruit Tree I want but the other one won't be ready until next year. What Can I do?"
The Solution
We have a special Bare Root Page that allows you to order the stock now but receive them in June/July. YES you can purchase anything off our IN STOCK PLANT LIST. Good news is they are sent in one go saving you freight costs.

Picture: Bare Root Fruit Trees Order NOW sent in June/July

About Bare Root Fruit Trees

Too Simple... Many people think of Fruit Trees with Luscious green foliage and bright fruit LIKE THIS...
Picture: Apricot Looking good (Click If Image Does not Load)
BUT... Apricots, Cherries, Persimmons, Plums and Almonds will never produce fruit unless they appear to die LIKE THIS...
Picture: Looks like a stick
WHY... For the colder climates of Australia during Winter the temperature drops below 6 degrees. Many amazing fruit trees will only grow in these colder climates because they need these Chill Hours so that come spring they will BLOSSOM, FLOWER AND FRUIT LIKE THIS...Picture: The Transformation
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