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Ordering Plants to be picked up in our Kyogle Shop

Step 1: First Create an order By using the search bar up the top to find the plant you would like
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or click to see and add to cart every Plant in Stock
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Step 2: When you create your order you need to enter your postcode and select your suburb where it says Freight
Image: Enter your postcode on the line that says Freight

Step 3: After this you can then select if you want to Pick it up at the nursery by clicking on the link Pickup at Nursery in Kyogle.
Image: After entering postcode you can select Pickup at Nursery in Kyogle
Once you have done this Freight will then be $0.00 and and you are ready to press checkout
Image: Notice Freight is now set to $0
Step 4: Please enter your details and select the date that you will be coming to the nursery to pickup your order.
Image: Select Pick Up Date
Step 5: Fill in all your payment details and finalise the order. Remember to put in your calendar the date you will be coming to the nursery for pickup. Also note our opening hours are in AEST time.

Do this before you get your Bare Root Fruit Trees

While you are patiently waiting for your bare rooted trees to be delivered it is a great time to prepare the ground. This will make planting them very simple when your trees arrive.

The first thing to do is measure out your spacing, this is simple to do by adding together the estimated width of the trees you are planting side by side and then dividing the total by two. So if you are planting a tree with a 5m spread beside a tree with a 3m spread you will need to plant them at least 4m apart.

Dig your hole, it need to be at least 50cm wide and deep. If your soils are heavy and clay base we would recommend that you break the bottom of the hole and then fill it with well rotted compost mixed with your existing soil, if necessary you may need to mound up your planting site to ensure that your tree will have the perfect drainage that it requires, holes in clay soils can act like a bucket and you will risk drowning your tree if you do not mound.

Do not use manure in the holes you are preparing for your bare rooted trees, they need time to settle into their new home before requiring fertilizer, you will not be fertilizing them until they start to push new growth in the spring.

Once your hole is prepared you can sit back and wait for your bare rooted fruit trees to arrive on your doorstep.

Happy gardening.

Bushfood Harvest in Australia

Many Australians underestimate just how rich and diverse Australian Bush foods can be. Look at this harvest we just got including walking stick palm, acronychia, native ginger, fingerlime, Davidson plum and Lemon myrtle.

What if my plants are missing in transit?

You finally ordered your favourite Fruit Trees and Daleys Staff have passionately packed them and handed them over to the freight company of your choice.

But where are they?

Don't worry as we have specially packed your plants to last up to 4 weeks in transit although the leaves may droop. We include instructions in your box on how to get them looking good even after a long trip.

Step 1: Use your track and trace number.
Daleys supplies you with a track and trace number via email after the plants have left the nursery. Go to the courier companies website and enter this number.
Fastways Couriers | Couriers Please | Australia Post | Startrack Express
If you don't have this number please contact us to get it.

Step 2: Understanding the information.
All couriers update this track and trace information differently. For example some companies may just say "received" and then not update until it arrives in your local area. So please keep checking back.

Step 3: Knowing when to take action
Daleys is in Kyogle NSW 2474 and as a general rule if you are close to us allow 3 working days. If you are in VIC, SA, ACT or Regional allow 5 working days. WA & remote allow 10 working days

Step 4: Contact the freight company first.
Have your track and trace number handy then call Fastways on 02 6624 2669, Australia Post 137678, Couriers Please 1300 361 000, Startrack 132345. What you want to do is lodge a "Missing In Transit" case or a "Delivered to wrong address" case. Make sure they give you a case number for your call and you record this along with the date.

Step 5: 14 Days has passed ( Excluding WA and Remote ) 
Please call up the freight company one last time and ask for an update on your case number. If the answer they give you is lacking in "hope" then please contact Daleys Nursery and give your
1. Invoice Number
2. Case Number
3. Date the case number was first opened.
4. A brief description of what they said in your follow up call.
* WA and Remote areas please allow 21 Days

Step 6: What to expect from Daleys Nursery
- We will resend the order free or charge^
-  or Wait until new stock is available and send at a later date free of charge.^
- or Refund the order^ ( only if  plants are unlikely to become available again. )

Unfortunately we do not get reimbursed because our freight companies say "they do not insure plants" Nevertheless we do our utmost to do what is right by you in this situation.

^ If you entered the wrong address or took longer than 14 days days to follow up the order with the freight company we can not offer replacements or refunds.

How to Reduce the chance of my order going missing

1. Make sure you double check that your address details are correct when you place an order with is.
2. Please only choose the freight company you trust and not the cheapest one. ( Learn More

Buy a Kaffir Lime Fruit Tree to get Leaves for a Curry

Who makes curry?
Adding Kaffir Lime leaves makes your cooking reputation sky rockets. It really is hard to overdo the amount of leaves you include in your dish.
P.S The actual fruit isn't any good but on the positive side the fruits oils have strong insecticidal properties.

Buy Grafted Longan Fruit Trees like Kohala - Fruits Faster

Have you tried Longans in the shops lately? If not give them a go. The Longan variety called Kohala is grown by a technique called marcotting so that the plant you get is going to have a large crop, amazing taste and will start fruiting within a year or two. They cost more because many hours goes into growing them and it is a fine art when compared to growing seedling longans.
If you just get a seedling Longan tree you will be waiting longer for fruit plus the quality of the fruit and the size of the crop is a gamble. Another good thing about all Longans is that they can handle colder temperatures when compared to Lychee Trees.

New Postage Free Fruit Tree Selection

Watch these very cute Daleys Kids show you our new Postage Free Plant Box.

Many of you say you would buy our plants but the postage is too expensive. We have listened at Daleys and now have developed a new range of fruit trees along with a specially designed box that allows us to send them to your door and the postage is free.

In this video we show you the box as well as the size of the plants.

Postage Free Fruit Trees - New Range

This is a new range and with time we will expand the range and variety that we can send to you postage free.

Our much larger fruit trees that we send via post still have postage but we use 4 freight carriers to get you the very best price we can. You can calculate your postage costs here.

To Our Customers - You kept alive our Passion for Fruit Trees

We celebrated the end of the year with a day out on the Tweed River and what a great day it was. A huge thank you to all of you for your wonderful support and input throughout the year. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2015 from us all at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

Pollination of Fruit Trees

Pollination, cross pollination, self fertile, or partial, what does all this mean?

Self Fertile
A self fertile or self pollinating tree means that it is capable of setting fruit on its own, it does not require a companion plant to pollinate it and if planted in isolation it will still produce a bumper crop of fruit such as with citrus fruits.

Partially Self Fertile
This means that the tree will set some fruit if it is planted on its own but it will produce a much better crop if it has a pollinator planted with it. Plums are a good example of this for some varieties such as the Gulf Gold, Yarrahapinni and Iluka blood plum are partially self fertile, all these selections will set on their own but they do produce a better crop if they are cross pollinated. In the case of the Gulf Gold it is also recommended that you thin your fruit as it can produce such an enormous crop that the weight of the fruit can break the branches.

Pollination Beneficial
This is similar to partially self fertile. These fruits will set on their own but they will also benefit from having a pollinator with them as it will result in more fruit. Southern Highbush blueberries are a good example of this, blueberries such as the misty, gulfcoast, biloxi, legacy and blueberry burst will set well on their own but if you are wanting to grow more than one bush it is a good idea to mix up the varieties and they will also cross pollinate with each other.

Cross Pollination
Cross pollination is where two different varieties are grown for fruit set and the pollen from one is transferred to the other and vise versa, this transfer of genetically different pollen is essential in order for the trees to set fruit. Apples are a very good example of trees that require cross pollination. Choose two compatible pollinator for a bumper crop. It is a good idea to have your trees clearly labelled so you are certain which one is which just in case something happens to one of your trees and for any reason you need to replace the pollinator. You will need to know which tree is planted where.

Pollination - Male & Female
Some plants are dioecious meaning that they produce either male or female reproductive structures on separate trees. Kiwi fruits are a good example of this and in order to get fruit your will need at least one male kiwi vine to pollinate a group of up to seven female vines.
Pawpaws or papaya are another good example of fruit trees that in many cases produce separate male and female trees, but just to complicate matters there are also pawpaws trees that are termed bisexual plants, these are trees that produce flowers with both male and female parts making them self fertile or sefl pollinating so you will only need the one tree to get fruit. The Southern Red and Sunrise Solos are examples of bixexul pawpaws.