Fruit Trees

Fig Trees That are Cutting Grown are Best

When it comes to figs getting a known variety such as the Fig Tree - Black Genoa makes so much sense. They are a great pot plant because with root restriction they stay small but also "Freak Out" and start fruiting very early. Also when it comes to figs there are so many varieties. That is why when you get a cutting grown one from Daleys you know that the size, taste will be quality. Also you know that they will crop well.

Here is an example of the Fig Tree that we send to peoples homes across Australia.

Longan Kohala Fruit Tree - More Cold Hardy Than Lychees

The Longan Fruit Tree is more cold hardy than lychee Trees, very ornamental and the fruit is sweet. The longan Kohala

Caterpillars that like Pot Plants

Some very beautiful Caterpillars that have been on some pot plants.

Cacti - growing and planting cacti cuttings

Growing cacti from calloused cuttings is an excellent way of establishing plants in your garden.
Select a sunny location in your garden.
Build your trellis - this is an important first step when planting pitayas or dragon fruit as your vine will require a sturdy support to establish and attach itself to as it grows. A wooden round post that is chest high is ideal and if you are growing more than one plant you can join the posts together with a wooden cross bar. Timber is the perfect support as pitayas can easily attach their aerial roots to the rough service of the timber.

Don't make the mistake of planting them up a tree for support as it is very difficult to pick the fruit from the top of a cacti covered tree and your vine will be most productive if the arms are allowed to hang downwards, this encourages flowering and will give you more fruit.

Apple cacti are columnar cacti and will support themselves once they are established, however you will need a small stake to tie them to until they are firmly rooted in their position in your garden.

Make sure that the soil where you are going to plant your cutting is friable and well drained, cacti will not tolerate wet feet at all. You may need to use a pair of heavy gloves to protect your hands from the spikes on your cactus cutting or use a wad of newspaper wrapped around the cutting to make handling your cactus cutting painless.

Plant your cutting in the prepared soil to a depth of 5-10 cm, do not plant it too deep. You will then need to tie your cutting to its support with a soft stretchy tie, old tights are perfect for this as they are strong yet stretchy and they will not damage your cutting. You can if you wish root your cutting before planting it into the final position by following these same planting instructions and putting your cutting into seed raising mix until it forms roots. The roots of your new cutting should be well established after 90 days.

Apple cactus cutting

Pearl Pitaya cutting

Happy gardening

Video: Blood Orange Tree the Cara Cara - Large with No Seeds

Quickly becoming the Orange Tree of choice all across Australia. It has Large Oranges with No seeds and Red Flesh. Which is why it is a Blood Orange Tree. It also fruits quite early in the season. Our Staff Member Carla in this video calls it the Perfect Orange Tree in this 50 second video.

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Video: The Amazing Jaboticaba Tree - Growing Tips

The Amazing Jaboticaba Tree is a favourite because of the way the very sweet grape like fruit grows along the trunk.

This seedling Avocado Tree is discussed. If you didn't want a seedling you may like to purchase a grafted Jaboticaba Tree
Video: Watch the Video here:
The Amazing Jaboticaba Tree - Growing Tips

Video: Avocado Tree - How does a flower turn into an Avocado

How does a flower turn into an Avocado.

The pollination of the Avocado Tree is fascinating. This video shows with a time lapse video exactly how it all works.

The basics are that each flower will open for about 3-6 hours as a female flower on one day. Then the next day it will open for 3-6 hours as a Male flower.

For pollination to occur we need to have both a male flower and a female flower open at the same time.

This is where A- Type Avocados and B- Type Avocados come into play.

The difference between the 2 types is when the female flowers open. A type they open in the morning and B Type they open in the afternoon. ( Visa Versa for Male ) 

So if you have an A type and a B type you are going to have your Male and Female flowers opening both in the morning and in the afternoon. Giving you cross pollination.

However as this video shows it is possible for both the male and female on the same tree to be open on the same Avocado Tree at the same time. It shows how self pollination can occur.