Fruit Trees

My Edible's - Keeping Track of Your Orchard

My Edible's was originally designed to allow each of us to keep track of the trees that we are growing in our home orchards, enabling us to upload photos and share information about how trees have performed in our gardens and how we succeed in growing our fruit trees. My Edible's can be used to record information about fertilizing, pruning and pest control as well as recording your bumper harvests and how you used your home grown fruits.

We are currently upgrading this page to enable everyone to open an account. By logging in you will have access to your last 10 sales invoices with us, showing what you purchased and when. There is also a display of all the plants that you have requested an email or sms notification for so you can keep track of these requests.

We are currently working on a wish list, this will allow you to create a list of plants that you dream about growing, once it is set up it will show you the current availability of all the plants that you want to add to your orchard.

We would love to here any feedback you may have for us about My Edible's and if you have any other ideas that you would like to see on this page please let us know.


  1. Would love more information about training and pruning young trees. Would be great to be able to make contact with people in the same area who have specialist knowledge like pruning—I need a plant raising mentor.

  2. WOW that fruit looks amazing! This coming from someone who was branded the fruit bat of the family cause I love it so much. WOuld like to be able to grow my own fruit that looks that good.